Technology is shifting at a very rapid pace. The need for Internet service has become more demanding than fuel and oil. Internet is changing the world we are living in and can be found in the deserts of Africa, onboard yachts sailing the oceans and planes flying from continent to continent at heights of over thirty thousand feet.


Internet allows people to be able to speak to each other and even see each other from opposite sides of the globe. Satellites in the sky and fiber optics under the ocean floor connect almost anyone on earth to other people. Printed publications are being replaced with virtual paper, and film has been replaced with digital imaging which can be downloaded and transferred with the press of a few buttons to reach any “corner” of the globe.


Thousands of military, cargo and cruise liners are sailing the oceans, some with more than 6000 people onboard. Internet service is being transmitted via satellite to reach these vessels and from onboard telephone calls can be made where no one can tell the difference whether these calls are originating from the city next door or from the middle of any of the seven seas.


There are currently more than 100 cruise ships (some with more than 4000 people onboard) sailing the waters of Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean. When these ships are at sea (or in port) the passengers and crew members can connect to the Internet via satellite. This service is very expensive and also quite slow compared to what can be found ashore.


World WiFi Network is a privately held USA based company with headquarters in San Diego, California.  The owners (and partners) have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the cruise and airline industry and know the needs of the customers they deal with.


High speed WiFi Internet service is currently being installed in ports of call stretching from Alaska down to the Caribbean islands where a powerful signal is being broadcasted to allow passengers and crew to have reasonably priced high speed Internet access while the ships are in port.


This service has been expanded to large marinas and RV parks. The system is a “roaming” network which allows the customer to use the purchased Internet account at any of the other locations in the network, which can be found at


Our goal is to have an antenna in every port of call in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and home ports in the USA where cruise ships start their cruises, with a second phase of expansion to follow in South America and Europe.


Excellent service and Customer support is our motto/first and last name.